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The color of your nails can often give you an indication of the condition of your health.In addition this results in splitting and breaking of nails that by no means the heel.

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Brittle (Split) Fingernails and Vitamin Deficiency

It is unclear why this change arises, but thumb sucking, nail biting and repeated trauma are thought to be the most common exacerbating factors.

Definition: Onychoschizia or splitting of the fingernails is one of the most common problems that the dermatologist sees.Nail splitting is generally considered a cosmetic problem, but can also cause some physical discomfort.Exogenous factors (eg, repetitive cycles of wetting and drying, trauma, and fungal proteolytic products) and chemicals or cosmetics (eg, cuticle removers, nail enamel solvents, and nail hardeners) are among the underlying.

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In fact, a doctor can tell if you have a certain disease or condition just by looking at your fingernails.The best time to clip or file your nails is after a shower or bath or after washing your hands, when your nails are softer and less likely to split or break.We dote on our nails, picking out the perfect polish color and spending a pretty penny to keep them looking beautiful.

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It is important that the entire nail is protected, not just the edge, to avoid split fingernails, because any trauma to the nail bed or the nail plate might show up as a split fingernail when the nail grows out.Around 20 percent of the population has split nails and it affects women more than men.

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Why are both of my Thumb Nails splitting down the middle and have been for some time.The primary reason for nails developing longitudinal ridges or splitting vertically is age, according to Mayo Clinic.Back in the day, nails were more than just fashion accessories: Early humans used them for digging, defense, and grooming.

These ridges that extend from the nail bed to the nail tip are generally harmless.Treating your nails gently can help prevent split fingernails.Larger splits can be even more problematic and incredibly painful.

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The appearance of your nails tends to tell others a lot about who you are as a person.Wear protective gloves such as cotton-lined rubber gloves when washing dishes, cleaning or using harsh chemicals.In many cases, all of these causes can easily happen at the same time.Paronychia results from a breakdown of the protective barrier between the nail and the nail fold.

Nails bitten to the core signal that you may be anxious and stressed.The nail always splits at the end and will often catch on fabric unless I keep my nails trimmed perfectly.

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If you have polish on, just massage the cream into the cuticles to help stimulate healthy nail.

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There are many different symptoms that result from an iron deficiency in the body, but one of the lesser known ones is brittle nails.If the file is particularly coarse then only file in one direction to avoid splitting the nail.

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