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Martial arts classes at Keswick Karate offer so much more than just kicking and punching.

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We offer training equipment for tae kwon do, judo, karate, kung fu, ninjitsu and.

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When you get to a higher level of Karate training, not only does your kata techniques and kumite skills get enhanced, you will also want an upgraded High quality Karate uniform.He always referred to what he taught as simply karate, but in 1936 he built a dojo in Tokyo and the style he left behind is usually called Shotokan after this dojo.The modernization and systemization of karate in Japan also included the adoption of the white uniform that consisted of the kimono and the dogi or keikogi—mostly called just karategi—and colored belt ranks.

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Heavyweight Karate Gi, the high quality martial arts uniform is 100% cotton has a soft cotton feel that is brushed on the outside and sueded on the inside.

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The Japanese and Okinawans wear a dogi, usually referred to as the gi to work out in.

Tiger Claw is a high-end manufacturer and distributor of martial arts supplies.Hayashi Heavy Weight Karate Top - We are proud to intrduce the HAYASHI line of heavyweight uniform.The Air Agonista is the lightest karate suit from the KO Karate range and it is specially designed for the use during kumite competition.

Welcome to Speedy Karate, your one-stop shop for top quality martial arts products.The Judo Gi, also known as a Japanese Judo Kimono is the traditional uniform worn by Judokas (practitioners of Judo) for practice and competition and was the first modern martial arts training uniform.The Academy of Karate Martial Arts Supplies (Martial Arts Supermarket) is one of the largest martial arts supply companies in the USA and has been serving martial arts enthusiasts for over 26 years.A martial arts uniform is one of the most instantly recognizable pieces of clothing on the planet.Fushida uniforms features judo gi uniforms and Brazilian jiu-jitsu gi uniforms available in various sizes and weights, single weave and double weave for the beginner to competitive elite martial artists.

Premium quality Martial Arts Uniforms manufactured and distributed by Fushida Martial Arts Supplies in Vancouver BC Canada.Dynamicsworld.com offers Martial arts supplies including Taekwondo uniforms, karate equipment, sparring gear, Martial Arts weapons, Apparels, Gloves, Training Gear, Nunchaku, at wholesale prices, almost major brands are available with dynamicsworld.com including Macho, Adidas, Nike, Dynamics, CPC, Pine Tree and more.

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The staff at SMAI Karate have been fantastic handling our orders, taking requests and then getting everything out to us promptly.

We are dedicated to bringing our customers the best martial arts equipment at highly competitive prices.While the classic karate gi has seen many variations in fabric and stitching, the basic design has remained untouched for years.We carry an excellent selection of items for a wide range of martial arts and we appreciate the opportunity to be of service to our customers.Tiger Claw operates facilities in Fremont, California and Knoxville, Tennessee.

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